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Free Gothic music youtube.

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  • Anonimb7  says:

    I don't normaly listen to Gothic metal but this is really good, so thank you.

  • Otosama PikaKiller  says:

    I love so much !!!!

  • Michael Taylor  says:

    This too helps my depression and anxiety loads, thank you……

  • Zanerpoo  says:

    I mainly listen to EDM, but I could get down with this.

  • heino Klapman  says:

    Dit is een super muziek style

  • deni onjr  says:


  • cris Garcia Perez  says:

    Buenq musica

  • Sayul Ramirez  says:

    donde esta mi pinche Lacrimosa.

  • Amon garra cirice the destroyer  says:

    From sisters of mercy to HIM to this….its all good.

  • Anthony Hickman  says:

    So I'm looking for new bands/genres. I typically listen to Thrash, Power, Industrial and Death metal. I'm trying to find something like Castlevania meets metal. Any ideas?

  • Joni Joni  says:

    power full

  • You Fear Isonomy  says:

    Nightwish is not here. I guess the band isn't metal enough?

  • yuyun wijaya onya  says:

    very nice……….

  • jan  says:

    i are from Norway; Missing BLACKMETAL

  • Little Black  says:

    great playlist thank you!

  • niffie lol  says:


  • TheGregStream - Age of empires 2  says:

    Where're Nightwish songs? Very disappointed 🙁

  • The_Panda22 -clash gaming  says:

    I listen to this when I'm trying to drown out people's stupid voices and get on with this miserable life


    i came here to get something like HIM or ghost bc sooo i think this whas good enouph to give an erection XD

  • Bl4ck He4rt  says:

    im not a goth person but this kind of songs make me fel good!! n1 ✌

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