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Playlist Theatres des Vampires – Kain – 0:00 Lacuna Coil – Swamped – 4:33 Tiamat – Cain – 8:34 Theatres des Vampires – Keeper of Secrets – 13:59 Lacrimas …

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  • Gothic Marshmallow  says:

    hello!! the song- Uxor Mortis – Elixir of Death 2:44:05
    i can't find it anywhere. do someone have a link?
    thank you!

  • Frodo Hobit  says:

    Finally, someone who has these genres and groups so long playlists.
    It's interesting and good. Thanks

  • musamusa solomon  says:

    +martin gabriel thank you my brother

  • Robin Herbert  says:

    Spelling error. Compilation.

  • Robin Herbert  says:

    Excellent competition. Thanks for uploading

  • Eye1bot Invention  says:

    rock on muic

  • Daniel Santacoloma  says:

    Any of the 3 sisters band (Sirenia, Tristania, Mortemia) could be on this list, also where the heck is Theatre of Tragedy? The old songs were really good!

  • Zoltán Márkus  says:

    Well, you listed the Birthday Massacre's least recognisable song. You could put Video Kid, Kill the Lights, Goodnight, Falling down, Looking glass or any other catchy song. From more rocky ones Red stars, If you want slow one, Cover my eyes, To die for; Unfamiliar. Well, you did not chose any of the good songs.

    If you want people internationally commit massive suicide, please list their favourite bands worst and most depressive songs 🙂 (well I am a death metal fan, so I am in the safe zone, hahaha) (Paradise Lost selection is OK)

  • libidowolf  says:

    London After Midnight

  • Nathan Barley  says:

    Nice playlist, but I would have a bit more of Paradise Lost on this since they were one of the creators of Gothic Metal. Also, My Dying Bride and Anathema

  • Ellior Official Band  says:

    Awesome playlist!
    We are Ellior and we just released our first demo track. You can listen to it in our channel if you want.

  • jonathan Ra1N hidalgo  says:

    lo habilitaron menos mal hgdjsag y¡me aburría saliendo sin poder oir el mix, buena compilación saludos <3

  • Leo Mendez  says:

    Good tracklist! lml

  • John Aryan  says:

    Muito Bom ,Parabéns ao Criador Desse CD ,Ficou Muito Legal Otimas Bandas Otimá Sincronia .

  • rodrigo mauricio salomon villamil  says:

    te falto sopor aeternus, lacrimosa, y algo de sirenia.. pero chido

  • Kamta Prasad Singh  says:

    it's good cause it's mostly metal

  • Mitch Essence  says:

    cool tunes

  • David Troy  says:

    chinga tu madre puto

  • Brani Me  says:

    great dark awesome mix!!!

  • Crimson Blaire Yoon 윤지현  says:


  • JD73RD  says:

    Nice playlist!

  • Luna Reign  says:

    Awesome list

  • Martha Coutiño  says:

    Muy buena recompilacion…..

  • Hogos Bazvarakh  says:

    Holy shit, never tried Gothic Metal until now… this ROCKS!

  • Valery Franklin  says:

    Where's Lacrimosa?

  • Stormrider1991  says:

    the last day of summer from the cure and praise the fallen from coma divine is very similar

  • DarkCode  says:

    What is the song / artist list for all these songs please

  • elixir0404  says:

    tout à fait ce que j'écoute

  • Mr_Trickster  says:

    Thank you for assembling this! I'm forever a fan of Lacuna Coil, plus I love that you snuck some Birthday Massacre and Type O in here. You've made me a fan of Theatres des Vampires, as well. Cheers, my friend!

  • Andrei Pascu  says:

    3:42 fucking time

  • Diva Bitch  says:

    old school industrial… the only thing that has changed is the genre name. 

  • henk van der boom  says:


  • Asteria  says:

    This playlist is almost only "gothic" metal. Seriously, where are actual gothic rock and darkwave bands such as Ikon, Fields of the Nephilim, Clan of Xymox, the frozen Autumn, This Mortal Coil, UK Decay, The March Violets, Bauhaus, Faith & the Muse, Corpus Delicti, etc?
    Could just have named it a gothic metal list…

  • Yohanes Eja  says:


  • pawjtr13  says:

    Great mix. Good work putting this together.

  • 4Nooby  says:


  • Filipe Santo  says:

    I think the melody of Deathstars's Babylon is a little similar to Devils's The 69 Eyes…

  • Gaby Letal  says:

    Por que no pusiste nada de  Poisonblack  ,, Sentenced,,,,For my Pain,,,,,Altaria ,,,, EvenMore ,,,,,,DARKWELL ,,,,NACHTBLUT,,,,,,MORTEMIA ,,,,,,,,Illnath,,,,,,Eyes of Eden,,,,,,,??????????????????   igual esta muy bueno tu listado,,,solo que para no repetir tanto las bandas te propngo que subas otro y agregues estas,,,,,,,Saludos.

  • darkpoetfarouk  says:

    Not a bad compilation….but……"Lover's End" from the Violet album?  C'mon man.  Everyone knows the best song on that album is "Happy Birthday."  The Birthday Massacre is my favorite band by the way……their style is like kiddie goth…  Their 2 best albums are Violet and Walking with Strangers.

  • Isabel Echeverri  says:

    no hay ni una maluca… que sabrosura 

  • Johnny Jillky  says:

    I'm curious as to which ones in the list classify as dark pop

  • sncogn  says:

    cool 🙂

  • lost clUe  says:


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