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  • Mohammed Adlabad  says:

    if you could only see what I am seeing it's so dark but if you'll look closely there's a full blood moon tonight

  • Jasmine Dazzle  says:

    AWESOME 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🤣💖💖💖😍😍😘😘😘🙄🌈🌈🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Jorhan KratekRBX  says:

    They made Lucian look like a Vampire he's a wolf

  • paul mainwaring  says:

    some one give him throat sweets

  • Aaron Kuyeteh  says:

    some fucking devil music

  • Arfiansyah Rafi  says:

    macam hanjeng miko ni , tak di ajo mak bapak,

  • Angel Trujillo  says:

    What are the movies 1:261:30 ???

  • Black Dragon  says:

    0:57 she's like getting fucked XD

  • RoyalSnipez  says:

    This is just shit not music

  • Ellen Boutilier  says:

    Sounds like Cookie monster!

  • Black Dragon  says:

    these vampires are all num num num!

  • Nazareth Sanchez  says:


  • Antoine the dark Mutineer  says:

    i fucking love this! FOOL MOON MAD LOVE!!!! XD

  • sweet ginger 23  says:

    am looking for new music this is awesome

  • Regina Banda  says:


  • Thay  says:

    eu queria saber o nome do filme que passa no clip eu só sei que um é anjos da noite o outro eu nao sei :/ queria sabeeeer por favor alguéééééém sabe :s

  • Carlos Rainha  says:

    I guess it depends of one's tastes. I love Moonspell but i've heard this song being played untill exaustion in nightclubs and sorts, so i guess i can stand it any more.

  • Alexander Lopez  says:

    Does anyone know the lyrics of this song..

  • Kamyar Khaleghi  says:


  • Kali McCracken  says:

    Has anyone else noticed that's Dracula's castle form vanhelsing

  • Peter  says:

    The actual music is okay, but the voice is below par. All-in-all a quite forgettable experience.

  • THEXPLAYR  says:

    Really effective video editing enhancing/ empowering/ acknowledging/ the musics dramatic cause// – Good work!)

  • Sam Croft  says:


  • SanjeevGeorgeV  says:

    fan made video?

  • Mostafa  says:

    So moonspell are gothic now …..

  • Triple Rock Social Club  says:

    listen to any Fields of the Nephilim songs  …so much better then this crap

  • Javier Fernandez  says:

    Why did you use vampires images? The song talks about wolves 77

  • Marco Adame  says:


  • Paulo Barreto  says:

    Inori… vai ouvir Tony Carreira, está visto que a boa música não é para ti!

  • VKookie Caran  says:

    stupid moonspell again… that´s why I hate to be portuguese XD
    but then I get better when I listen R.A.M.P

  • CJ Landmann  says:

    what the hell is this idiocy?

  • AE Shalaby  says:


  • angryscreamx  says:

    whats the name of this song?

  • kayoto ZR  says:

    symfonec gotmetal .. not gothmetal

  • Ketogenic Stoned Ape  says:

    You couldn't even type his last name, he's that despicable lol

  • jacob961000  says:


  • David Jackson  says:

    this is goth thing

  • Mahmood Atashi  says:

    love this song

  • Dave Lara  says:

    Full moon madness! m/

  • Andreea Neda  says:

    good job

  • dancingmoonlight39  says:

    I like this nice gothic doom

  • Kraully TV - Kraully Tattoo  says:

    Parabéns muito Bom!!!!!!

  • Brian Kern  says:

    fuck moonspell check out graveworm

  • theusualGOD  says:

    this is just amazing!!

  • Zac B.  says:

    it's a certain kind of so called "shit" people happen to appreciate. Truly to only those who are able to appreciate such music and listen before they question what it truly is. Let the darkness be your friend.

  • ADAM WEST  says:

    it sounds like someone puking there guts out to me but ok i like werewolves and vampires no twighlight lol but yea still sounds like someones sick over the toilet

  • ADAM WEST  says:

    this is fn like not music this some guy who can play guitar good hes mumbling words it sounded like he was puking and trying to talk at the same time and da stuff i did understand sucked this aint goth this is shit and btw im into grunge metal and gothic not just mainstream indy and mainstream so dont say idk music cause i do and this aint music its shit

  • Bravo2zero0  says:

    This is some pretty weird porn

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