VADIKAN – Gothic Metal from Moscow. Female vocal.
Mastering by Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, Apocalyptica, Sentenced, Theatre Of Tragedy, Entwine, The 69 Eyes) “The female vocals makes the music stand out from line and it works really well. She can sing with very nicely and with suitable touch all the time.
Like Autumn again shows that she is really talent… I really like the melodies too, they are one of the strongest elements of Vadikans music…” (c)Hiili Hiilesmaa (finland)

Artwork by Alla Bobyleva (Lacrimosa)
12 pages booklet by Marek “Ptys” Jastrzebski (Helloween, Hell:on, QuoVadis)
Distributed worldwide by CODE 7, Music Assault, Masterpiece
Realese Ukraine/Russia – 19.01.2013, World – 04.03.2013 – Metal Scrap Records

Save me from the mundane life,
From dullness and dormant state.
Save me from decay of wicked native land,
Let me believe that I’m the only one

Break the templates of my thoughts,
Kill this routine in words,
Make me love you — seize me by the throat,
Mill the fear of illusions inside

Make me not believe in God,
Make me get through with vanity.
Be my severe teacher of life,
Don’t let the emptiness invade me.

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2 commentarios

Alex xxx · 20 marzo, 2018 a las 19:39

thank for adding the lyrics in english.
very nice music.

Isma El Demóstenes · 20 marzo, 2018 a las 19:39

a great sound,congratulacion, .you are the masters of gothic metal..greetings from ECUADOR…LONG LIVE VADIKAN

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