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Ghost Bride | Full Horror Movie

Best Horror movies Kings of Horror presents: Ghost Bride

Ghost Bride tells the story of Jason Chen, a young Chinese immigrant in New Zealand who keeps his love for Kiwi girl Skye secret from his disapproving mother, Alice. Things quickly unravel as his mother introduces him to Madam Yin, a matchmaker who has a very special bride in mind for Jason — The mysterious and silent May Ling. May Ling is a paragon of the traditional Chinese bride; beautiful, subservient, and eager to please. Unbeknownst to Jason, May Ling is also dead. In this dark supernatural romance Jason finds himself caught up in the ancient Chinese practice of Minghūn: a spirit marriage. Skye’s presence as a rival for Jason’s affections turns May Ling from seductress into a spirit of vengeance, and May Ling seeks to destroy Skye, wreak vengeance on Jason’s family, and force him into joining her for eternity.

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27 comentarios en Ghost movies Ghost Bride | Full Horror Movie

  • sunny skies  says:

    WOW, Ghost revenge & family loyalty what a bitch, especially when their is a spiritual marriage involved gives love a whole new meaning…

  • Marygold Besong  says:

    Fly don't forget

  • Evan Beining  says:

    I'll never get that hour back

  • Evan Beining  says:


  • Megan Elsa  says:

    Favorite movie!!!! 👏👏😂😂😵

  • Valkyrie Sardo  says:

    He never talked to his uncle, looked for some sort of witch doctor, or went to a hospital even though he had a big long slice cut into his chest. If he was walking, talking, and breathing without a heart, what was the cause of death?

  • Rob Varde  says:

    to tell you the truth I kind of liked it. Its not very scary but hell that chinese girl is hell of hot.

  • Ray Freeman  says:

    If the ghost is giving a blow job does it swallow need to know might want a ghost girlfriend lol

  • Barbara Hill  says:

    I think this movie is stupid because you should have the right to marrie anyone you want

  • Steven Chang  says:

    I swear, if people call this a bad movie. I'd love to see them try to write and make a good one. Pretty sure bad reviews due to trolls.

  • Loretta Turner  says:

    Trippy movie

  • Billie Vinal  says:


  • Tyrone Robinson  says:

    I enjoyed it

  • vanessa monster high  says:

    Skye is so ugly

  • Rack Roll  says:

    The moral of this story is don't use Asian matchmakers in New Zealand unless you check out their credentials and family history. A pretty good movie. 6/10

  • Jenae Williams  says:

    move wasn't too bad

  • S.E.A Awesome Epic Shows  says:

    I do not understand why do they get married for if he still was going to go with the other woman they know they was wrong for doing that to that girl

  • S.E.A Awesome Epic Shows  says:

    this was so stupid

  • SquidySaurus  says:

    Hey man ur content is pretty neat. inspires me to keep at it for my own channel.

  • Surf Sand  says:

    Terrible acting

  • Heather Braswell  says:

    Crazy stuff…..very very bad attempt at Asian horror lol.

  • hangyakushaCC  says:

    asian ghost feeds you delicious sashimi till you die.

  • Nia Lorre  says:

    Good acting and cinematography. Soundtrack gets repetitious. Story is predictable and it takes too long to tell it. I got bored.

  • Panita Thongper  says:


  • Lily Yates  says:

    it was good I would not say it was scary move I thick it should be love move case the boy love his girlfriend.

  • Candace Vaillette  says:

    Madam Yin has some big ass fake teeth! She needs to get them redone!

  • Dorothy Ishida  says:

    sighs.. really realllyyy badly put together.. there are parts that are in it that I feel was just to lengthen it or to filler in.. pointless fillers really badly done.. I just couldnt finish it

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