Ghost movies Cry Of A Ghost 1

Cry Of A Ghost 1

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26 comentarios en Ghost movies Cry Of A Ghost 1

  • Marvino Shellah  says:

    I enjoyed this movie

  • قيفتي غانا  says:

    what a toughing story tnx guys

  • sheron grant  says:

    this woman mama g whoa!!she still scheming.

  • Treish Roberts  says:

    Mama G, I just enjoy watching this lady in any Nigerian movies.

  • Veronica Fox  says:

    Please reduce the amount of pop-ups you put on the screen. I'm seeing SUBSRCRIBE, WATCH THIS, WATCH THAT, THRILLERS ETC!! after every commercial. It's so annoying having to close 5 different boxes every 10 minutes.

  • Emeka Smith  says:

    I visited Grenada………………….. Its a Beauty.

  • Sorayas Mission  says:

    Oh Lord these movie makes me cry, any ways, thanks for uploading!

  • Pappadap100  says:

    I can't at 27 of age this Dosier has no idea of what to do with his money…. Patience's house is not bank…

  • Gibbs Joyce  says:

    From the West Indian Island of Grenada in the Caribbean where we were dropped off from the bellies of slave ships let me say I am touched by the songs I am hearing? Is it Igbo language because there are Ibo ancestors here too. We have Igbo short poems in songs we inherited from the ancestors . Beautiful people in this movie.

  • ella Grant  says:

    Nice movie I want no the song on midwife who sings it very nice song

  • Oliveira  says:

    Please translate the songs in your movies
    . got no clue

  • Oliveira  says:

    Too long movie but very interesting.

  • Oliveira  says:

    How can you trust your auntie more than your own mom? the guy is an idiot. And he looks like Tony Umez. lol

  • lilian love  says:

    nice movie

  • evergreen25  says:


  • Ms. Under Stood  says:

    What language are they singing in? I

  • Ibrahim Larry  says:

    I love all the songs in this movie theo i dont understand can you pls give me a link to such Songs

  • louretta larry  says:

    I love all the songs in this movie theo i dont understand can you pls give me a link to such Songs

  • Alice Joan  says:

    the singing is too long…irritating, considering that i cant understand the language.

  • Tonia tootoo  says:

    ayaaaa nice movie

  • Shemara Davy  says:

    o mama G mama G so wicked …..she make me lol all de tyme

  • Abla Kudawoo  says:

    First Watch The Mid Wife 1&2, Then Sinful Heart 1&2, Last Cry of The Ghost 1&2

  • gwen jones  says:

    WOW. Intresting. but the part where the mother cry it takes like 15 min on music and cry cry. o. good movie never the less.

  • mary mutiga  says:

    Can't get sinful heart….how do i get it??,

  • pryncessable  says:

    Ok I watched Mid Wife 1 & 2 where is Sinful Heart? I cant find it.

  • pryncessable  says:

    mama G @ it again, am not surprise!

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