Concierto de metallica

Concierto de metallica online.

Orion Festival, metallica, Black Album 2.012.

Concierto de metallica

Concierto de metallica


Hit the Light-2:10.
Master of Puppets-5:52.
For Whom the Bell Tolls-18:46.
The Shortest Straw-23:10.
The Struglle Within-36:09.
My Friend of Misery-32:54.
The God That Failed-43:48.
Of Wolf and Man-49:50.
Nothing Else Matters-54:18.
Trought the Never-1:00:24.
Don’t Tread on Me-1:04:28.
Wherever I May Roam-1:08:17.
The Unforgiven-1:14:50.
Holier Than Thou-1:21:05.
Sad but True-1:25:37.
Enter Sandman-1:31:45.
Seek & Destroy-1:59:05.

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