Alice Cooper – Live at AVO Session

Alice Cooper concierto online

Alice Cooper – Live at AVO Session, concierto completo.


Intro/The Underture: 0:05-1:03
Hello,Hooray!: 1:03-3:19
House on Fire: 3:19-6:45
No More,Mr Nice Guy: 6:48-9:45
I’ll Bite Your Face Off: 9:50-14:02
Be My Lover: 14:07-17:12
Caffeine: 17:12-21:20
Billion Dollar Babies: 21:24-24:51
The Congregation: 24:58-28:14
Hey Stoopid: 28:14-32:20
Dirty Diamonds: 32:27-39:00
Welcome To My Nightmare: 39:07-41:55
Ballad of The Dwight Fry: 41:56-46:12
Go To Hell: 46:12-49:29
He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask): 49:35-53:09
Devil’s Food: 53:13-56:05
Feed My Frankestein: 56:09-1:00:58
I’m Eighteen: 1:01:17-1:05:45
Under my Wheels: 1:05:49-1:08:33
Poison: 1:08:34-1:13:28
School’s Out/Another Brick In The Wall (Encore): 1:14:28-1:20:37

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