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The Best Dark Wave and Goth Music Songs of the 2010s (Part 1: 2010-2011)

First mixtape including the best Dark Wave and Goth music songs of the decade. Next parts will be posted during November and December, so stay tuned!

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00:00 Veil Veil Vanish – Modern Lust
03:36 Ulterior – The Emptiness We Share
08:49 Cold Cave – Underworld USA
13:49 Mt. Sims – Disappearing Act
17:37 R O M A N C E – Dance with the Devil
21:10 Soft Kill – From This Point On
25:03 Merciful Nuns – Dark Trails
29:14 Angels of Liberty – Monster in Me
34:17 Snakedance – Fall From Grace
38:10 Jacquy Bitch – Abandonne
41:57 Light Asylum – Dark Allies (radio edit)
47:08 O. Children – Ruins
52:14 Neon Plastix – On Fire
56:09 Velvet Condom – Rouge City
1:00:51 Alien Hand Syndrome – Raison Raison
1:04:35 Austra – Spellwork
1:09:45 Darkness Falls – The Void
1:13:08 Detachments – Holiday Romance
1:16:54 Passions – Sentiment
1:20:43 Planningtorock – The One

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Write on comments which albums you miss on the mixtape and nevertheless, they would deserve to be on it. Anything you want to share, just write it down.

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