😈Reanimators Team(GR) – Goth Is What We Make It (FOTN edition) – Promo Tape – Side B🎸

Reanimators Team(GR) – Goth Is What We Make It (Fields Of The Nephilim edition) – Promo Tape – Side B

Compiled by Fondas SumerSon
Mixed by George “After Dark” McKois
Covers: ElektroSpank | FMA

1. The Garden of Delight (Germany) – Shared Creation
2. Sons of Neverland (Sweden) – Amnesia
3. Dark Side Cowboys (Sweden) – Tears for You
4. Love Like Blood (Germany) – Out of Sight
5. Cassiopeia (Germany) – Resting Deep Under Water
6. Beyond the Wall of Sleep (Germany) – Pale
7. Voices of Masada (UK) – Flight
8. NFD (UK) – Light my Way

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