😈GOTH\PARTY – "Rockin' In The New Year" (FULL SET, 1/1/2019)🎸

GOTH\PARTY brings the goth-kid ruckus, with their dark yet eclectic tunes, blending Goth, Hip-Hop, Industrial, and Metal, the party never stops. Playing half originals and half covers, there’s never a dull moment.


1. «Chris Hansen» Intro/Is It Suicide?
2. …Just A Little Fucked Up
3. «Sadboi Hours» Interlude/In Dreams
4. Beg
5. My End
6. «Paradise» Interlude/Alone


7. Awful Things (Lil Peep Cover)
8. «Black Butler» Interlude/Lose Control (Evanescence Cover)
9. Everyone Moves On (Geno Cultshit Cover)
10. Falling Down (Lil Peep, XXXTENTACION Cover)
11. Airplanes (B.o.B., Hayley Williams Cover)
12. Yeah! (Usher, Lil Jon, Ludacris Cover)

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