01.- Exit to Eden – Neon Sun
Taken from the album “Exit to Eden II” released in 2015.

02.- Missed in Diary – Rise and Shine
Taken from the 7″ “Wonders Why / Rise And Shine” released in 1991.

03.- Silex – Eyes
Taken from the album “Legendary Beauty” released in 2002.

04.- The Cold – The End
Taken from the album “After All” released in 2004.

05.- Liquid Grey – Part of Everything
Taken from the album “Grey Matter” released in 2011.

06.- Mosquito – Deeper Outlook
Taken from the album “Interlacing Eternity” released in 2017.

07.- BlindStar – A Mission
Taken from the EP “La Suma & Las Partes” released in 2017.

08.- Decay – Leaving
Taken from the album “Winterfields” released in 1994.

09.- Sad’Evotion – Flames Like Candles
Taken from the album EP “Body Hollow” released in 2008.

10.- The Thermics – Pure
Taken from the demo “Demo 1995” released in 1995.

11.- Gothzilla – Will You, As I?
Taken from the album “Catharsis” released in 2016.

12.- The Eternal Chapter – You Can’t Let Me Die
Taken from the self-titled album “The Eternal Chapter” released in 1998

13.- Dark Horizon – Time
Taken from the album “No Gods on Earth” released in 2007.

14.- Angel’s Arcana – Black Roses
Taken from the album “Selva” released in 2018.

15.- Shadow Image – I Died for Love
Taken from the album “Kiss the Ashes” released in 2013.

16.- In Fall – Sometimes
Taken from the album “Delete” released in 2018.

17.- Euroshima – Como Los Otros
Taken from the album “Gala” released in 1987.

18.- Shadow to Ashes – Spectre Garden
Taken from the EP “Detonation” released in 1999.

19.- Rugaru – Little Girl
Taken from the single “Little Girl” released in 2013.

20.- Wastescape – Silent Watcher
Taken from the EP “Mourning Shadow” released in 2009.

21.- Decades – Printemps
Taken from the maxi-single “Le Jour Se L猫ve” released in 1992.


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