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00:00 Wire Train – Chamber Of Hellos (Dj Yami Spechie)
03:49 The Chameleons – Return Of The Roughnecks (DJ Dragnet)
06:49 Flowers For Agatha – The Common Enemy (Dj Yami Spechie)
10:22 The Tempest – Blame It On The Breeze (DJ Dragnet)
12:55 Annabas – Romance (Dj Yami Spechie)
16:33 Xmal Deutschland – Manchmal (Dj Dragnet)
20:03 Blitz – Telecommunication (Dj Yami Spechie)
22:36 The Dream Smashes – Endless Opprtunity (DJ Dragnet)
25:14 The Marionettes – Like Christabel (Dj Yami Spechie)
29:20 B.F.G. – Higher Than Heaven (Dj Dragnet)
32:44. Big Electric Cat – Paris Skies (Dj Yami Spechie)
36:39 The Wake – Locomotive Age (DJ Dragnet)
40:05 Killing Joke – Sanity (The Roman Mix) (Dj Yami Spechie)
45:08 J Hex And The Scarecrow – Been Waiting (DJ Dragnet)
49:02 The Comsat Angels – You Move Me (One Good Reason) (Dj Yami Spechie)
54:05 The Wild Swans – Whirlpool Heart (DJ Dragnet)

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