😈☠The Gothchamber: A Goth/EBM/Industrial/Futurepop DJ Mix ☠🎸

☠The Gothic Industrial edition of the Glitchchamber was recorded live on twitch.tv/FaithInTheGlitch
☠Follow me on twitter.com/FitGMusic
☠Cover Image by Karui Ongaku: and from Blade Runner
☠Videos Used:
Cyber Gothic:
Michel Clement:
gNarLy cEe:
Another Version of the Truth (Kronos and Enrique Gonzalez Muller) Nine Inch Nails
Majesty (Premonition Remix by Assemblage 23) Claire Voyant
In Decline Imperative Reaction
Cold War Blaqk Audio
Timekiller Project Pitchfork
Panic Cycle Imperative Reaction
Forever (Harlem Hardstyle Remix) Apoptygma Berzerk, Bruderschaft, Covenant, Icon of Coil & VNV Nation
Military Fashion Show (Club Hit) And One
Acid Spit Mega Drive
Like Tears In Rain Covenant
Once In A Lifetime (Extended) Wolfsheim
RWR – Unicron (Kalax Remix) Kalax
Space & Time VNV Nation
Clear (Album Version) Cybotron
P***y («Lick It» Remix By Scooter) Rammstein
Send Me An Angel Zeromancer
Floorkiller (2004 Version) Icon Of Coil
Closure Imperative Reaction
Headhunter V3.0 (Album Version) Front 242
Exterminate Annihilate Destroy Rotersand
Red Eyes Zombie Hyperdrive
Vampires The Midnight
Every Day Is Halloween Ministry
Bliss Blaqk Audio
Cyberbreaker LeveL -1
this is my rifle [Explicit] Combichrist
Photon VNV Nation
Iolite (Trancelite Remix by Francis A. Preve) Claire Voyant
Space Age Love Song (Kmfdm Remix) A Flock Of Seagulls
Structure VNV Nation
Shallow Nation (2004 Version) Icon Of Coil
Call the Ships to Port Covenant
100% Angelspit
Hellraiser (VNV Nation Remix) Suicide Commando
Narayan Funker Vogt
this s*it will fcuk you up [Explicit] Combichrist
Let’s Be Honest Blaqk Audio
Drowning ÆON RINGS
Montrose (Original Mix) Le Matos
Megalomaniac KMFDM
happy fcuking birthday [Explicit] Combichrist
Another Version of the Truth (Kronos and Enrique Gonzalez Muller) Nine Inch Nails

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