hey, it ya baby yes I’m baby but I’m back at it again with the clickbait title. lets play a drinking game, for every person that ends up commenting about how this isn’t goth enough lets take a shot. To be determined if we get alcohol poisoning.

ANYWAYS with that out of the way I need to say a big faT THANK YOUUUUU to all you guys for the incredible love you gave me on my last video. Like I’ve never been so soft and felt so cherished and loved. You were all so kind and left amazing sweet comments. Honestly replying to comment is my favorite part of my day. I hope you guys like this video just as much, it’s a bit different because I filmed it in a studio but let me know what set up Y’all like most. I reallyyyy appreciate the feedback Y’all leave me when it comes to which diff ways you like me doing my videos because I like to try out new things. Literally, no one is reading this by now but I love you lots.

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Lil peep- ghost girl
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